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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fargo Forum Alternative: How Will History Remember GW Bush?

A uniter not a divider, I am the decision-maker, a compassionate conservative, mission accomplished, bring it on, stay the course, axis of evil, etc... are all terms that will forever be etched in the minds of Americans concerning George W. Bush #43. Like him or not, this President has drawn the ire of liberals and the contempt of conservatives.

But what should this president be remembered for?

* No terrorist attacks on our soil after 9/11- credit President Bush
* Inherited a recession and employed two major tax cuts to revive economic growth - credit President Bush
* Held firm to sanctity of life issues with embryonic stem cell research - credit President Bush
* Sent 21,000 more troops into Iraq staying the course in the bleakest of moments - credit President Bush
* Appointed Alito & Roberts to the Supreme Court - credit President Bush
* 4 1/2% unemployment, record wealth creation, main street prosperity, & wall street prosperity - credit President Bush
* Peace initiatives between Palestinians and Israelis - credit President Bush

It is clear that President Bush has drawn an inside straight since November 2006, after losing the House and Senate rather embarassingly. The above achievements will go down as credible victories for a president besieged by liberals and even conservatives who left his side against the fight on the war on terror.

Pundits can rip the president apart today. But history will have the last say about President Bush. I do believe that history will receive this man more kindly than contemporaries receive him today.

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